• "Art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls." (Pablo Picasso)


    modern art from Berlin Germany.

  • We believe

    that digital art is the future of art

    and we are proud to be part of this movement.

  • Our goal:

    is to create visually appealing digital artworks

    and make them accessible.

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    Over 20 years

    we have been creating

    digital artworks

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Abstract Picture-Series

Streams 1- 20

20 unique artist created originals in high resolution.

Mint from 22 August 6:00 pm at Opensea

infinityart by Kai Rogbart

infinityart - these are modern, abstract computer-designed image compositions of light and color. Elements created in Illustrator and Cinema4d are transformed in Photoshop by superimposing geometric and non-geometric shapes, typographic elements and symbols on different layers, into modern, technical images of unprecedented depth, transparency and brilliance. The images lead completely detached from advertising effects into a world of departure, convey industrial atmosphere and modern living flair, reflect the push to new shores. Here there are futuristic elements, elsewhere again "blue streams of pure energy", but also again and again contrasts to explosive seemingly infinite motifs, poles of calm - like the "central orange in a blue environment".

Over the years, we have created many compositions that we have put together into picture series. Some of them we now offer for sale on OpenSea as NFTs. Get yourself an original Rogbart Infinityart. From a time when you still worked days and weeks on a picture.

The first series is called "STREAMS" These are 20 unique artist created original images in high resolution*. Which also make great FinePrint canvas prints for your home or office.

*CMYK-Tiff files for print in 7874 x 3937 pixel resolution are available.

Kai Rogbart has been a pioneer in digital art for over 20 years and has made a name for himself as an innovative and talented artist. Working with cutting-edge software tools and using both 2D and 3D design techniques, he has incorporated many new technologies into his work over the years to create his artwork.

He has the ability to merge technology and creativity to create stunning digital artwork. His works range from digital drawings and paintings to interactive installations and virtual reality experiences. Each of his works is a fascinating mix of colors, shapes and concepts that take the viewer on a journey of the senses.

In doing so, he has always been mindful of pushing the boundaries of digital art and using new technologies to bring visions to life. His artworks are not only visually appealing, but also provoke thought and discussion.

Kai has received numerous awards and accolades in his career as an art director, and his artwork has been shown in exhibitions and galleries across Germany. His work has also been used in the advertising and entertainment industries.